The Canada permanent resident visa is a useful way to make sure that you can get to immigrate to this land. Canada is a land of hopes and aspirations for so many people. The people who are eligible for this Canada permanent resident visa are those who are selected in the Express Entry draws.

These draws for the Canada permanent resident visa select candidates depending on their characteristics which include age, the highest education and solid work experience of 2-3 years. Depending on the highest degree of a candidate, a candidate can earn so many points as per the comprehensive ranking system. The point structure as per the comprehensive ranking system is designed in such a way, that it rewards those with higher degrees. So, candidates who are educated well can think of going to this country with so much ease. Candidates who have professional degrees which are needed to carry out certain professions are so much desired as per the Express Entry system and preferred for the Canada permanent resident visa. These could be dentists, eye specialists, vets, chiropractors, and the pharmacists.

What is the Canada permanent resident visa?

As mentioned earlier, the Canada permanent resident visa implemented as per the express entry systemcollates the total points of a candidate depending,on all the factors which can make his life a success in Canada or not. These factors include his age, all his education, his entire experience etc.

So, these factors decide whether he should be given theCanada permanent resident visa or not.The Canada immigration permanent resident visa is given to those who are talented as per this country. So, someone who is able to get CLB9 scores in the IELTS language exams and has worked for some years in his home country is considered talented enough by the Canadian government. This work experience should also be held at a young age. Its because the Canadian government only gives high points for “age” when you are young. The system of Canada immigration permanent resident awards those who are young enough to go to this country. So, the government of Canada desires those who are in the right age group of above 20 and less than 30.

The Canada immigration permanent resident visa is quite useful when you have settlement plans in this country. There are different classes of experience under which a candidate can immigrate including the Federal Skilled Worker class which includes those with Indian experience and the Canada experience class which includes those with Canadian experience. That’s how the Canada immigration permanent resident visa system works.

Apart from the Express Entry for the Canada immigration permanent resident visa system, provincial nominee programs are also applicable. These programs are applicable when you are interested in going to a specific province. For example, the Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program offers you a chance to immigrate here once you have an employer who is opting to take you in for a 2 years job in this province.

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